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West Bengal: Legal noose tightened on the mastermind of Sandeshkhali, victims said – hang Shahjahan Sheikh!

The troubles of TMC leader Shahjahan Sheikh, the mastermind of the gang that created terror in Sandeshkhali, West Bengal, are increasing. The grip of the law is continuously tightening on him. ED has sent him another summons. He has been asked to appear for questioning on 29th February. But he has been absconding for a long time. Constantly avoiding the presentation. Lookout notice has also been issued against him. Along with him, the list of crimes of his family is also very long. His brother Siraj has also faced serious allegations. It is being told that Siraj, a doctor by profession, used to grab the land of many people on the basis of his brother’s dominance.

Whatever incidents have come to light in Sandeshkhali, anyone should bow their heads in shame. The cases of forceful land grabbing that have come to light are shocking. The criminals continued playing with the honor of women without any fear of the law. Kept torturing their husbands. Kept grabbing the land. The incidents kept happening one after the other. The list kept getting longer. But not even a lice will come under the ears of Mamata government. The reason is clear that the mastermind of all these incidents is a TMC leader. BJP is aggressive on Mamata government regarding all these allegations. Party leaders are saying that the same thing is happening in Bengal as Hamas is doing in Gaza.

Many teams have visited Sandeshkhali to know the truth about the crimes of TMC leader Shahjahan Shaikh and his gang. Governor CV Anand Bose has visited there and cornered the state government. The National Scheduled Castes Commission has also gone. National Commission for Scheduled Tribes has also visited. The Human Rights Commission team has also gone to Sandeshkhali and met the victims. Amidst the seriousness of the situation, Bengal Police has also set up camps in Sandeshkhali. CCTV cameras are also being installed. Section 144 has been imposed. The state government has increased the security there. The victims are being met and reassured.

Despite this, the resentment among the victims is not decreasing. The anger over the crimes of Shahjahan Sheikh is such that violent demonstrations are taking place there every day. The victims are expressing their displeasure. Along with this they are demanding justice. Despite the strictness of the High Court, there is no trace of Shahjahan Sheikh. The demand for his arrest is increasing. The victims are now coming forward openly. The victims say that Shahjahan should be hanged. The women say that even if Sheikh is arrested and released from jail, he will not spare us. Will snatch us and eat us. We will not be able to live. People are requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he should be caught and hanged.

BJP is also continuously demanding that mastermind Shahjahan Sheikh should be given death sentence. The fear of Shahjahan Sheikh in Sandeshkhali was such that no one even had the courage to speak against him. Now after visiting all the commissions, his courage has increased. The full story of Shahjahan Sheikh’s crimes is coming to light. TMC is on the backfoot after serious allegations. Therefore, two ministers each of Mamta are on Sandeshkhali tour. The question is being raised as to why TMC took so long to reach out to the victims. The trend of West Bengal politics is completely on Sandeshkhali. After gaining momentum, now Mamata’s ministers are also holding the front.

The biggest question amidst all this is that where is this fugitive Shahjahan Sheikh. Where is he hiding? In response to these questions, Mamata’s ministers are targeting ED. West Bengal Irrigation Minister Partha Bhowmik said that Shahjahan Sheikh is an ED case. It is not a failure of the state police. Mamta’s ministers are continuously visiting. The government is trying to somehow end the Sandeshkhali controversy. Now the police is reaching the victims. Filing complaints. The minister is also listening to the complaints. Assuring people that they will get justice. TMC is trying to resolve land grabbing cases as soon as possible.

Along with this, politics is also going on in full swing. BJP leaders are attacking Mamata government vigorously. The battle of Sandeshkhali has now reached Delhi. Two BJP veterans, Subhendu Adhikari and Sukanta Majumdar, who clashed with Mamata’s police in Sandeshkhali, made many serious allegations against Mamata Banerjee and her administration in the JNU program. Along with this, allegations have been made that how the Chief Minister is saving Sandeshkhali mastermind Shahjahan Sheikh. Sukanta Majumdar says, “They are denying from the first day.” They are saying that nothing has happened in Sandeshkhali. Now TMC is saving Shahjahan Sheikh. Because he runs the vote machinery.