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Maharashtra: ‘If the government does not agree, we will continue the movement further’, Manoj Jarange breaks hunger strike

Activist Manoj Jarange has withdrawn his ongoing indefinite fast on Maratha reservation. Announcing his return on Monday, he said that he was withdrawing his 17-day old fast. However, he insisted that he would continue his agitation until the Maharashtra government starts issuing Kunbi caste certificates to the extended family members of those people, allowing them to avail the benefits of reservation.

Jarange had announced march to Mumbai

It is known that a day earlier, Jarange had announced a march to Mumbai to press for his demands related to quota in jobs and education. However, this decision to withdraw the indefinite fast has come now. It is known that the budget session of the state legislature has also started in Mumbai.

Suspending hunger strike: Jarange

He said that I am postponing my agitation today, but 3 to 4 youth will sit here and fast every day for our demands. I will also visit some villages and explain my stand to them. He said that whoever wants to meet me can meet me in Antarwali Sarti village. At the same time, when asked about the many police complaints lodged against him regarding the reservation movement, he said that it has not affected any worker.

On the cases filed against him, he said that if they want to prosecute me, I have no problem, but by doing so they will invite trouble.