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PM Modi will file nomination from Varanasi tomorrow on the coincidence of Pushya Nakshatra, CMs of 12 states will attend.

There is a coincidence of Pushya Nakshatra tomorrow on Tuesday and the country’s PM Narendra Modi will file nomination from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat on this day. Before this, on Tuesday morning he will take permission from Kotwal Bhairav of Kashi. Along with PM Modi, Chief Ministers of 12 states will also participate in the nomination. Apart from this, other Union Ministers and BJP officials will also be present.

Before nomination, PM Modi can pay obeisance to Mother Ganga at Dashaswamedh Ghat at around 9 am. Along with this, it is also proposed to go to Namo Ghat by cruise. From here the PM will go to Kaal Bhairav Temple and then from there he will go to the Collectorate to file nomination.

Pushya Nakshatra is very special
According to astrologer Pandit Rishi Drivedi, according to the scriptures, the combination of Ganga Saptami and Nakshatra Raj Pushya Nakshatra as well as Ravi Yoga is creating good conditions for the planets. It is believed that doing any work on this day leads to fulfillment of desired wishes. If any work is done in Pushya Nakshatra, its completion is considered certain. It is believed that PM Modi will file his nomination in this coincidence.