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Uttarakhand: The army of IG-DIG rank officers is increasing in the state, many officers will have to go on central deputation

Many IPS officers in Uttarakhand will have to go on central deputation. Actually, an army of IG and DIG rank officers is constantly being raised in the state. On the other hand, even 50 percent of the IPS officers of the maximum limit of 40 percent deputation of the total cadre are not on deputation at present. Meanwhile, the Home Ministry of the Government of India has also written a letter to many states including Uttarakhand and directed them to nominate officers for the delegation.

The Union Home Ministry has written a letter to nominate Indian Police Service officers in Uttarakhand on central deputation. Like many states of the country, it has been made clear to the Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand that IPS officers are not being nominated for the delegation. Due to which the number of vacant posts set for IPS officers in the Center is not being filled. The special thing is that the number of officers at the IG and DIG rank is increasing in Uttarakhand.

At present, there are more than 12 IG rank officers in the state, similarly there are more than 6 DIGs as well. The matter of concern is that after promotion by next year, this number of IG rank officers will reach around 20. Whereas there are not so many IG rank officers in the department. Due to the presence of a large number of IG rank officers, the department is having a lot of trouble in distributing their work. Whereas after the promotion of about five officers from DIG rank to IG rank, this problem will become even bigger.

Amidst these circumstances, the letter of the Union Home Ministry is increasing the possibilities of central deputation of many officers in the state. At present, there are 41 IPS officers in Uttarakhand in terms of cadre posts of IPS officers. Out of this, 6 IPS officers are on deputation to the Center. The names of IPS officers Deepam Seth, Sanjay Gunjyal, Sweety Agarwal, Sadanand Date, Rachita Juyal and Sunil Kumar Meena are included among the officers on deputation. On the other hand, there is news that another IPS officer Tripti Bhatt has also applied for the Center, after which she has also got approval.

If seen in this way, at present the maximum limit of deputation among 41 IPS officers is 16 to 17, but only 6 officers are on deputation. Therefore, now after the letter of the Union Home Ministry for deputation, the names of many officers can be nominated for central deputation.