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Uttar Pradesh / Banda: Sad! He was saving for his daughter’s wedding for months, his dreams were burnt in fire, jewelry, cash and clothes were reduced to ashes, there was a loss of lakhs…

A few days ago, more than two dozen houses were burnt to ashes in a fire in Banda, Uttar Pradesh. Poor labourers and farmers suffered a lot in this incident. Fortunately, no one was killed in this fire. But there was a family whose daughter was to get married and they were collecting dowry items by saving every penny. The victim told that he had gone to see a boy for his daughter. After some time, the daughter told on the phone that Papa, there was a fire in the house and all the goods were burnt. Hearing this, the ground slipped under his feet.

When the victim Rammilan reached home, he saw that all the goods kept in the house had been burnt. Cash and clothes for the daughter’s wedding had also been burnt to ashes. Now he is worried about how his daughter will get married, whatever he had was burnt to ashes. He has appealed to the administration for help. SDM and public representatives have assured to provide benefits under government schemes.

All the goods kept for the daughter’s wedding burnt to ashes

This case is of Banghra village of Baberu tehsil area. Where dozens of families have come on the road due to fire. The administration is investigating the cause of the fire and is engaged in providing assistance to the victims. Victim Rammilan said that cash, jewelry, grains and clothes, everything was burnt. Eight people live in the house, he had gone to see a boy for the daughter and after some time a call came and told that everything was burnt to ashes in the fire. Fire brigade vehicles extinguished the fire on the spot and the officers also assured full help.

The administration assured all possible help to the victims

SDM Naman Mehta said that information about the fire was received. Rescue was done by police administration and fire teams. A list of the loss of the victims is being made, our Lekhpal, Naib Tehsildar are investigating on the spot. Ration and accommodation have been arranged for everyone. Further action will be taken after the report is prepared. All possible help will be given to the victims.