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Uttar Pradesh / Banda: After eating dal containing lizard, 4 members of the family were admitted to hospital

In Banda, four members of a family fell ill after eating dal after a lizard fell in it. All four have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. Here doctors are treating all of them after admitting them. Doctors say that everyone’s condition is normal and under control. This case is from Bachhei village of Girwan police station area.

A family living in Bachhei village cooked food as usual. Dal, rice, roti, vegetables were prepared for food. Some relatives had also come. According to the family, a lizard fell into the dal while cooking it. Dharmendra, Sandhya, Piyush and Kavyanjali present in the house ate the dal. After this, the eyes of the women of the house went to the pan in which the dal was kept. A lizard was lying in it.

After this, everyone’s condition started deteriorating shortly. People who ate the dal started feeling dizzy. Vomiting and diarrhea started. Seeing the condition deteriorating, the family admitted them to the district hospital. They are being treated after being admitted there. Doctors are recovering the poison through medicines and injections.

Doctor Vineet Sachan of the district hospital said that four people have been brought in right now. A lizard had fallen in the dal. When they ate it, they realised that the lizard had fallen. All of them have been admitted and are being treated. Everyone is out of danger and will recover soon.