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Singer Lucky Ali filed a complaint against IAS officer, know the matter

Singer Maqsood M Ali, also known as Lucky Ali, has filed a complaint against Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Rohini Sindhuri, her husband and her brother-in-law. The singer has accused the officer of land grabbing. Ali alleges that Sindhuri, her family members and some officials have illegally occupied his property using government resources and money.

Lucky Ali shared a list on his Official X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday, June 20. The list contains the names and details of the accused. According to Ali, Rohini Sindhuri, her husband and her brother-in-law, who is a politician, have illegally occupied the land. For this they have used government machinery and money.

Lucky Ali had also taken Sindhuri’s name in 2022

Even before this, Lucky Ali has taken Sindhuri’s name. According to media reports, in December 2022, he tagged the Karnataka Police in a thread. She had complained that she has a farm, which is the property of a trust. Bangalore’s land mafia Sudhir Reddy and Madhu Reddy have illegally occupied that farm with the help of Sindhuri.

Controversy between Rohini Sindhuri and IPS officer

This is not the only complaint against Rohini Sindhuri. Her name is also associated with IPS officer D Roopa Moudgil. According to media reports, last year Moudgil has made several allegations against Sindhuri in a Facebook post. Moudgil had allegedly accused Sindhuri of sharing her personal photos with fellow IAS officers. This led to a public dispute between the two. After this, the state government transferred both the officers.