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Hina Khan, who is battling breast cancer, cuts her own hair during treatment, her mother cries bitterly

TV actress Hina Khan, who is battling breast cancer, has posted a video of herself on social media. Seeing which everyone got emotional. It is seen in the video that the actress has cut her hair. Let us tell you that she cut her hair for the treatment of cancer. In such a situation, she has shared this video with her fans.

Hair cut for the treatment of breast cancer

Sharing the video, actress Hina Khan has written a long caption. Hina wrote, ‘You can hear my mother crying in the background. When she was preparing herself to see what she had never imagined.

Further she wrote, ‘For those who are fighting this battle, especially women, I know it is very difficult. For most of us, our hair is very precious, it is the crown that we never take off. But to win in difficult times, you have to take difficult decisions and I chose to win.’

Hina Khan’s mother became emotional

Finally, Hina Khan wrote that I am recording my story so that my efforts reach everyone. If even one day of someone becomes better due to this journey of mine, then recording this journey will be successful.’ Let us tell you that recently the actress has shared a post on social media and informed that she has stage-3 breast cancer.