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There is no need for a nuclear attack but we will not back down from it either… Putin’s direct threat to NATO along with Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he does not need to use nuclear weapons to win against Ukraine, but if the Western countries helping Ukraine think that Moscow will never do so, then it is their mistake. Putin has given this message at a time when the allies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are taking steps to help the Ukrainian military forces. Putin gave a clear message to these NATO members that providing military assistance to Ukraine could lead to a conflict with Russia which could turn into a nuclear conflict.

Moscow recently conducted exercises with ally Belarus in southern Russia to demonstrate its strategic preparation for nuclear weapons. Western countries are considering deploying NATO troops in Ukraine and allowing it to use long-range weapons for limited attacks on Russian territory. Russia described its military exercises as a response to this move by Western countries. Putin launched an attack on Ukraine on 24 February 2022 and since then he has repeatedly referred to Russia’s nuclear power to discourage Western intervention in the war.

What did Putin say

Amid Russia’s recent military successes, Putin said Moscow does not need to use nuclear weapons to win in Ukraine but “representatives of NATO members in Europe, especially small countries, should know who they are playing with.” He warned that relying on US security could be a mistake if Russia attacks them. Putin said, “Continuous tensions can have serious consequences. If these serious consequences occur in Europe, what steps will the US take given our capabilities in terms of strategic weapons? It is difficult to say. Do they want a global conflict?”