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Israel ordered all Palestinians to leave Gaza city, dropped leaflets from the sky

The Israeli army has ordered all Palestinians to leave Gaza city. For this, Israel has dropped leaflets over the city. The message to leave the city is written on them. It is being told that Hamas terrorists are regrouping in these areas. Therefore, Israel has started sending messages to the populated Gaza area. Currently, America, Egypt and Qatar are continuously negotiating with Israeli officers on ceasefire, so that the peace agreement can be taken forward.

Deir al-Balah. At least 29 people died in an Israeli air strike on a school that was a refuge in South Gaza. At the same time, due to heavy bombing, health services in Gaza city in the north had to be closed. Meanwhile, thousands of people were seen running in search of shelter. This attack by Israel was carried out against Hamas terrorists who were regrouping in Gaza’s largest city. The death toll in the attack may increase further.