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Quarantine- Predicted in 2005

Tanisha Aggarwal

With the world going through a Pandemic, it came to notice that over  15 years ago, author Peter May wrote a novel regarding a city in quarantine suffering from a hazardous virus.

At that time the scientists were predicting a bird flu, although a bird flu is different from the ongoing virus , yet it still has the same effects with regard to quarantine and lockdown. In the book, May depicted what it would be like if a city undergoes a complete lockdown.

London, being one of the epicenter of the global pandemic was the main part of his book, as he came up with the idea by doing a lot of research. However in 2005, the publishers rejected this book calling it too unrealistic and impractical.

After the outbreak of corona virus, one of the fans tweeted and suggested may to express his opinion

by writing a book on the ongoing pandemic, the 68 year old author then realized that he had already done that, he contacted his editor and made him read his book, his editor was shook and told him that this is something that needs to be published without more delay. Once rejected book , now is called as the crime thriller that predicted a world in Quarantine.