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TRANSGENDER- Still a Taboo ?

Tanisha Aggarwal

Even in the 21st century in some native parts 0f the country the LGBTQ community is considered as a shame or a taboo. It takes up a lot of courage for some people to come out of the closet, many difficulties are faced a prominent one being humiliation and disregard from their own families.

Nowadays, especially after the discontinuity of Section 377, there has been a rapid increase in the number of people coming out in the open. Although, numerous people have set remarkable examples of bravery.

One such example is of Noor, who dressed up as a woman to perform the folk dance of Punjab ‘Gidda’ for a function as a whim, realized that it was something he had wanted to all along. After 21 years he is still performing along with his friends and along the way he has gotten appraisal as well as criticism.

The society needs to understand that being a part of this community is normal and labeling someone is not justified just because they have a different viewpoint.

In India transgender are considered as a sign of good omen and their blessings are considered auspicious. In developing India  still one of the major social issues is being a transgender and dealing with what comes along it. India still has a long way to go in this aspect.