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Inflation shock for the second consecutive day, know how much the prices have increased today

Petrol Diesel Price Today 5 May: The results of the assembly elections in Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh have come. Now the oil companies have started increasing the price of petrol diesel.

As soon as the assembly elections in five states are over, the phase of increasing prices of petrol and diesel has started. Today, petrol and diesel prices have increased for the second consecutive day. Delhi Petrol has become costlier by 19 paise and diesel by 21 paise per liter.

After this increase, petrol has been increased to Rs 90.74 per liter and diesel to Rs 81.12 per liter in Delhi today. In Mumbai, petrol is Rs 97.12 per liter and diesel is Rs 88.19 per liter. Petrol in Chennai is getting Rs 92.70 per liter and diesel is Rs 86.09 per liter. In Kolkata, this price is Rs 90.92 and Rs 83.98 per liter respectively.

The phase of inflation starts as soon as the elections are over

The Election Commission issued a notification on February 26 for elections in five states. After this, the last time on 27 February 2021, the price of Tej was increased. Prices were increased for the first time on May 4 after a break of two months. Then for the second consecutive day, prices have increased. Elections were held in the country from 27 March to 29 April and the results of the elections were declared on 2 May.

According to local taxes (VAT) and transportation fares, the price of petrol and diesel varies in different parts of the country. Oil companies stopped the review on April 15 after a slight price cut. During this time, the process of assembly elections was going on in five states of the country including West Bengal. Even before the end of the voting, oil companies had given indications of a hike in prices, because during this time the prices in the international market had increased sharply. Due to strong demand in the US, the price of crude oil has increased.