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Uttar Pradesh : Metro services will start from today under COVID protocol

⏺️Special arrangements for sanitization and contactless travel for safe travel
Passengers will get facility from 7 am to 7 pm

⏺️Equipped with ultraviolet rays for sanitization

Lucknow : Metro Rail services in Rajdhani are going to resume from today with state-of-the-art facilities for safe travel. Metro service will start from 7 am. The last metro train will leave from CCS Airport and Munshipulia Terminal stations at 7 pm. Lucknow Metro Rail service was suspended for almost a month in view of the second wave of COVID-19. Lucknow Metro has once again taken several steps for a safe and convenient passenger service experience during Unlock 2. It is pertinent to mention that since the first wave of COVID-19, Lucknow Metro had taken several important steps to make the travel of the residents the safest. The result of these efforts was that Lucknow Metro made the fastest progress in its ridership in comparison to other metro services in the country after the restart. This time again Lucknow Metro has special emphasis on contact-less travel, sanitization, social distancing and cleanliness. while re-ready to provide safe travel to the passengers. It is mandatory for passengers to wear masks. Arrangements have been made for thermal scanning and hand sanitization before entering the station. There is also a sanitizer facility at the customer care. Lucknow Metro is the first metro in the country to use UV rays for sanitization, where ultraviolet rays are used for sanitization of metro coaches and tokens keeping in mind the safety of the passengers. Marking has been done at all metro stations to maintain physical distance, so that suitable distance is ensured between passengers inside the metro premises. Marking for physical-distancing is available at ticket counters, ticket vending machines, security check points, AFC gates for entry-exit etc. at all places where passengers have to queue. Seats inside the metro train have also been marked for physical-distancing so that passengers can leave a seat and sit. All places that normally come into contact with passengers such as grabberels, grabpoles, grab handles, passenger seats and doors are regularly sanitized. All contact points inside the station such as entry-exit gates, baggage scanners, ticket vending machines, AFC gates, escalator handrails, stair railings, lift buttons, platform seats etc. are also regularly sanitized. . Travel completely contact-less with Go-Smart Card: Go-Smart holders get the convenience of completely contact-less travel right from entering the metro station to traveling by train and exiting the metro premises. It also has the facility of online recharge. During entry at the automatic fare collection gate, the Go-Smart card does not need to be tapped on the machine, rather travel information is verified and one can enter by simply carrying it near the Wi-Fi sign on the top of the machine. is. In this way, passengers traveling with Go-Smart Card come in contact with only sanitized metro seats while traveling by metro. Go-Smart card holders get 10 percent discount on fares on every trip. The facility of buying cashless passenger tokens is also available with Lucknow Metro’s Go-Smartcard. Lucknow Metro is also the first metro in the country to provide such facility. The convenience and safety of the passengers is paramount for UPMRC, hence UPMRC has taken the above necessary steps to make travel by metro safe, accessible and comfortable by strictly following all the rules related to Corona. Lucknow Metro is the safest, comfortable, economical and reliable mode of transport as compared to other modes of public transport.