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Hitachi Launches Modular Side Throw VRF Model Air Conditioning System

In an endeavor to provide state-of-the-art air conditioning solutions keeping in mind the needs of today’s new age consumers, Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited has launched the world’s first slim modular side throw VRF model air conditioner – SideSmart Z .
Equipped with modern Japanese technology, this is the world’s first side throw model, which comes with a single module of 18HP and a modular combination of up to 72HP, the company said. The SideSmart Z is a heat pump type (-20E to 52E) that works in every season. Its slim design, low footprint, easy installation, energy saving operation, high efficiency at full and partial load and smart back-up operation – keep the system running even when the combination module fails, similarly outdoor and The long distance pipe connection between indoor units makes the SideSmart a true utility.
As such, it says it would be suitable for HVAC professionals, architects and premium residential areas, schools, gyms, retail showrooms, health spas, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and high-rise buildings.