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Uttarakhand / Nainital : Children’s free pneumonia vaccine campaign launched

The pneumonia vaccine (pneumococcal conjugate) has also been added to the newborn’s vaccine program for the first time. Three doses of the vaccine will be administered. In which the first one-and-a-half months, the second three-and-a-half months and the third dose will be taken in nine months. This vaccine will protect young children from pneumonia. On the first day, more than a dozen children were vaccinated. A target has been set to administer the first dose to about 16 thousand 580 newborn children in the district. CMO Dr. Bhagirathi Joshi launched the pneumonia vaccination campaign at BD Pandey District Hospital in Nainital on Wednesday. Dr. KS Dhami, PMS of BD Pandey District Hospital said that this vaccine will protect children suffering from diseases like pneumonia. After being launched in Dehradun three days ago, it has also started in Nainital district on Wednesday. This vaccination will prove to be very useful in view of the possibility of a third wave of corona. Dr. VK Puneda, Dr. Sanjeev Kharkwal, Dr. MS Rawat, Dr. Anirudh Gangola, Kamal Joshi etc. were present on this occasion.

Rs 1600 Price in Private

Till now pneumococcal vaccine was administered to children only by visiting private hospitals. The cost of one dose of which ranges from about Rs 1600 to Rs 3,000. Due to which most of the children from poor and middle-income families could not get this vaccine. But now after becoming a part of the government vaccine program, every newborn child will be able to get this vaccine. Pneumonia is a major cause of death in newborns.

Vaccines will be administered every Wednesday in hospitals
According to District Immunization Officer Dr. Ajay Sharma, every health center and hospital has a vaccination day for children on Wednesday. In such a situation, by visiting the nearest vaccination center, you can get this vaccine free of cost for your child up to one and a half months old. In Nainital district, a target has been set to administer the first dose to about 16 thousand 580 newborn children. Under the vaccination campaign of the government, so far Pentamic, Rotavirus, VCG, DPT and TT vaccines are also applied. are also applied.