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Uttarakhand / Pithoragarh : Congress burns CM’s effigy on demand to cancel development authority

Congress burnt the effigy of the CM while protesting against the government demanding the cancellation of the development authority. During this, he warned of violent agitation if the demand was not met soon. On Tuesday, under the leadership of Congress District President Trilok Mehar, workers gathered at Wadda Tirahe and burnt the effigy of Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat while protesting against the government. Mehar said that the BJP government patted its back by talking about removing the authority in the past. But the marginal district has still not been taken out of the purview of the authority. By doing this, the government has done the work of misleading the people of the frontier. Congress Chief State Spokesperson Mathura Dutt Joshi said that in the name of authority, recovery is being done from the people of the frontier. Despite this, the leaders of the ruling party of the district are silent. Senior Congress leader Khimraj Joshi said that the government is misleading the people of the frontier in the name of authority. During this, the workers raised slogans against the government demanding complete revocation of the authority. Giving a warning, if the authority is not revoked soon, then the furious movement