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Uttar Pradesh : Fundraising for jobs in ALS

Ambulance union accuses health department of corruption on ALS

Lucknow : During the press conference on Thursday by the Ambulance Employees Union in the capital, the union officials including Ambulance Employees Union State President Hanuman Pandey and State General Secretary Brajesh Kumar and State Treasurer Sushil Pandey alleged that the contract was issued in the existing health department. In the department, 108,102 in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Orissa, the blacklisted company Medical Health Pvt Ltd has been given a contract worth crores of rupees by the UP Health Department for Advance Life Support Ambulance Service. Said that there are many orders against the company in different states. Where the CBI investigation is going on in Rajasthan. Said Uttar Pradesh government has kept its eyes closed which is unfortunate. After getting the contract, now in Uttar Pradesh, this company is committing corruption on a large scale in the name of giving jobs in various posts in Advance Life Support Services. It is told that 20-25 thousand is being sought in the name of appointment, the proof of which is The organization is present, whose complaint has been made to the government orally and in writing. Instead of the stated action, only assurance has been given. Told that the way this employee has helped the people by betting his life with the government and the public in the war of Corona, it cannot be forgotten. Said that if the government will not take cognizance of our demands, then it will be compelled to hold a sit-in in Lucknow on June 25 and June 26, keeping in mind the Corona protocol. The members of the organization will go on strike completely in the entire state, and will remain there till the government accepts the demand of the organization.

The main demands of the box union – 102,108 and the government should protect the employment of all the employees working in the Advance Life Support Ambulance Service, so that the companies can not exploit any employee in the name of job, at present Medical Health Care Private Limited is doing this. has been Removing service workers from their jobs. 2- The government should provide free insurance of at least 20 lakhs to the people working in 102, 108 and Advance Life Support Services. 3- The salary of the employees working in 102,108 and Advance Life Support Services should be fixed by the government because the companies do corruption on a large scale. 4- There should be an equitable increase by the government in the salary of the employees working in 102,108 and advance life support service at present.