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Wherever I live, the smell of the soil of my village and the memories of the people always remain in my heart: President

⏺️His Majesty saluted by touching the land of the village as soon as he landed on the helipad
⏺️Getting emotional while addressing the congratulation ceremony in the village

After a long wait of almost four years, when the President reached his native village Paraunkh on Sunday morning, the villagers were delighted. As soon as he landed on the helipad, he saluted by touching the soil of the village. After this, he became emotional while addressing the congratulation ceremony in the village. He spoke his heart from the stage itself. Said, I had never imagined even in my dreams that a normal child like me from the village would get the privilege of discharging the responsibilities of the highest post of the country. But our democratic system has shown this by doing.

He further said that wherever I live, the fragrance of the soil of my village and the memories of the people of my village always remain in my heart. For me, Paraunkh is not just a village, it is my motherland, from where I have always been inspired to move forward and serve the country.

Elders are respected more in rural culture

The President said, in Indian culture, the education of Mother God, Bhava Pitru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava is taught. The same lesson was taught in our house as well. Respecting parents and gurus and elders is more clearly visible in our rural culture.
Today, on this occasion, I salute the freedom fighters and the framers of the Constitution for their invaluable sacrifice and contribution. In fact, as far as I have reached today, the credit goes to the soil of this village and the love and blessings of this region and all of you. Said that there is an attempt to promote fitness and immunity during the Corona period. Get yourself vaccinated and inspire others too. I will personally arrange for the villagers to see Rashtrapati Bhavan. You guys come and see.

Worshiped in the temple with family

Before reaching the congratulation ceremony, President Kovind along with the family visited the Kul Devi Pathri Devi in Paraunkh. Temple priest KK Vajpayee told that the President gave 11 thousand rupees as donation. During this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Governor Anandiben Patel were also there.