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Uttarakhand : Talwar couple agitating against rising population reached Doon

The campaign of the Talwar couple against the growing population of the country has been going on for 28 years.

Dehradun : The Talwar couple of Meerut, who have been agitating against the growing population of the country for the last 28 years, reached Doon on Monday. So far, Dinesh and Disha Talwar, who have done reverse padyatra in more than two hundred cities, are sending a letter daily to the Prime Minister regarding the small family campaign. So far, he has sent more than fifty thousand postcards to the Prime Minister and the governments of different states. The Talwars, who reached Gandhi Park after taking a reverse padyatra, told that their purpose for the reverse padyatra is that the government should work on population control with the right policy in the right direction. He has sent about six thousand memorandums to the PM’s office. From 1992, he started padyatra. He works to make people aware of this padyatra in every city he goes to. Blank postcards are given to the public in which people fill letters in their support. Walking on the road, boarding buses, he is working to spread this message to as many people as possible. Dinesh Talwar, an insurance agent by profession, said that the increasing population is an indicator of the country’s ruin. It is the same way as your body weight increases and you become vulnerable to various diseases. However, the Talwars are also very disappointed that no political party has shown seriousness in their campaign. There is a budget of billions of billions on many other issues but no one is paying attention to this subject. He had to face trouble many times due to this campaign. Many people even beat him up and indecently. He has sat in fasting at Jantar Mantar a hundred times, went to Meerut collectorate daily for 365 days and sang Ramdhun. His daughter Simran, son Yash are also always with him in the campaign. He also expects from PM Modi that he will make effective laws on population control. It is said that in a country where 42 children are born in a minute and 61 thousand children are born daily, the governments will have to churn on what will be the future of that country. From the day Modi took oath as PM, the Talwars have been sending him a postcard every day. This couple will travel to 365 cities in the coming times and will continue the campaign.