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Uttar Pradesh : Children have to be prepared to fight against Corona: Dr. Brahmadev

Children are the speakers in the Anmol program organized in the Digital Information Dialogue Center

Lucknow : The imminent third wave of corona is said to be fatal for children. For this, the responsibility lies more on the parents, guardians and teachers than on the doctors. In time, all these have to prepare the children for how they should live and behave? As long as the children are at home, parents should make them aware of what to do and what not to do in their daily activities. In the proposed four months, we have to prepare our children to fight against Corona. They have to change their diet. For this, even if they have to be a little harsh, it will be in their interest. These things were said by special speaker, Special Secretary Environment and Water Resources Brahmdev Ram Tiwari in the program organized at Digital Information Dialogue Center at Saraswati Kunj, Niralanagar on Thursday. He appreciated the steps taken by the central and state government to avoid Corona. Said that vaccination is very important, because it produces antibodies in our body, which will help in fighting the infection. He said that despite vaccination, we are required to wear masks and follow the distance of two yards. The keynote speaker, Chairman of UP Homeopathic Medicine Board and National Vice President of Arogya Bharti, Dr. BN Singh said that how to save children from the possible third wave of corona is the most important thing. He said that no matter how naughty children are, but their speed of learning and understanding new things is often better than older people. He said that the child should be told about washing hands before eating food and sanitizing hands before touching their face. He said that keep children away from junk food and also inform about the benefits of healthy diet. Do not panic if the child is suffering from cough and fever. Keep in mind that these symptoms are also common cold and flu. But even in this situation, take full care of hygiene. Wear a mask yourself and make your child wear a mask too.