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Uttar Pradesh / Meerut : After 75 days of death, the body of the COVID patient was cremated

The body of a COVID victim was found lying in the morgue for more than 75 days at the Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Medical College (LLRMMC) in Meerut, as his wife was unable to pay Rs 15,000.

The victim, 29-year-old Naresh, died of COVID on 15 April.

His wife Gudiya had come from Basti district to collect her husband’s body, but was reportedly asked to pay Rs 15,000.

“The doctors asked for Rs 15,000, but I didn’t have the money,” he told reporters. He said that they will perform the last rites of the body.

Meanwhile, the hospital has denied the allegations.

Dr Vidit Dixit, who oversees the disposal of bodies at the hospital, said the patient was accompanied by his brother Vijay. When the patient died on April 15, we called the number that Vijay had given us. He was closed. The allegation that money was demanded is false. We did not have enough space here so we took the body to Hapur when no one came forward to claim it.

Meerut District Magistrate K.Balaji said they have set up an inquiry on the allegations.
Dr Dinesh Khatri, head of the primary health center in Hapur, said they were trying to trace the family since then.

The Chief Medical Officer of Hapur was informed that no one has claimed the dead body. It was brought here and kept in the morgue of GS College. After that, we tried to trace the family. Later, we sought help from the police and the phone number which was given was kept under surveillance. Finally, Gudiya was traced and called to Hapur where the man was cremated in her presence two days earlier. Hapur District Magistrate Anuj Singh confirmed that Gudiya had come to Hapur for the last rites of her husband.