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The government warned about the crowd at hill stations, the rules will have to be followed

The Ministry of Health raised the issue of congestion in some tourist places and markets of the country in a press conference held on Tuesday after the relaxation of restrictions related to Corona. The Health Ministry said that if people do not take care of Corona, then everyone will have problems. The ministry also showed pictures of the gathering crowd in the press conference. Showing pictures of crowds gathering in markets and tourist places, the ministry said that the way people are traveling without masks and without following social distancing, it seems that they are thinking that the virus is over. But the corona virus is still among us. If COVID Appropriate Behavior is not maintained then it will spread again. The advantage of COVID management till now will be over again and a big challenge may have to be faced again.

Photos of crowds in Laxmi Nagar, Sadar Bazar in Delhi, Dadar Market in Mumbai, Manali in Himachal and Shimla, Mussoorie in Uttarakhand were shown in the press conference. The Center said that if the crowd was organized and precautions are not taken, then the challenge may increase again. An online survey has revealed that only 29% people are following the rules of applying masks properly and 24% people are not wearing masks at all.

The Union Health Ministry said that the second wave of corona is not over yet but people are not following the rules properly to avoid corona. According to the ministry, it was revealed in the online survey that 24 percent people are not using masks, 45% people are wearing them but they are not wearing them properly and only 29% people are applying masks properly. Similarly, 63 percent people are not following social distancing at all, 45 percent people are following it to some extent and only 11 percent people are following social distancing completely.

To avoid COVID in the vaccination center, 44% people are following the right behavior correctly, 48% are following a little and 6 percent are not following it at all. Only 15% of people are following Kovid Appropriate Behavior while traveling. 58% are following it to some extent and 25% are not following it at all.