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15 people injured in celebration of Euro 2020 victory in Milan, Italy

15 people were injured during the celebration of Italy’s victory in the UEFA Euro 2020 final in Milan, Italy last night. Three of the 15 people injured in Italy are hospitalized.

Most of the injuries were mainly caused by fireworks at the Cathedral Square, where thousands of people gathered to celebrate last night. The condition of one of the people admitted to the hospital is said to be critical. According to reports, he has a deep wound in the stomach, the other has three fingers amputated, while the third has suffered injuries allegedly due to falling on a barrier lying on the road.

It is noteworthy that Italian fans celebrated Italy’s victory by swimming in the canals of the city of Milan and burning dustbins. Some had climbed on top of the tram and jumped into the fountains. During this time some cases of robbery also came to the fore, but the criminals were caught quickly and the police arrested them.