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Google will let you remove the last 15 minutes of search history immediately

Google is rolling out a new feature in its search, which will allow users to instantly delete the last 15 minutes of browsing history on mobile. The feature is available in the Google app for iOS and is coming to the Android Google app later this year. The tool is not yet available for desktop users.

Currently, with auto-delete controls, anyone can automatically select Google and continuously delete your search history along with other web and app activity from your account after three, 18 or 36 months. .

For new accounts, the default auto-delete option for web and app activity is 18 months, but one can always choose to update the setting, the company said in a statement.

Google said that when you’re signed in, you can now choose to require additional verification for My Activity.

Company informed With this setting, you must provide additional information, such as your password or two-factor authentication – before your full history can be viewed.

Google said it would notify users if it detects that any of these passwords have been compromised and whether you have re-used them on multiple sites.

“In addition to keeping your data private and secure, we also work to keep you safe when you’re browsing and searching for information on the web,” the company said.

Google Safe Browsing helps protect more than four billion devices every day when people try to navigate dangerous sites or download dangerous files.