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All products of Cadbury are 100% vegetarian, company’s answer on beef adulteration

A message is going viral on social media claiming that Cadbury chocolate contains beef. A screenshot taken from a website was published on a social media platform with the claim that if gelatin is added as an ingredient in a product, it means that it is beef. As soon as this sensitive message surfaced, it started becoming increasingly viral on social media. Social media users started criticizing Cadbury’s product. The demand for boycotting Cadbury’s chocolates started rising. After which the company itself had to refute the viral message by coming out on its official Twitter handle and issuing a statement.
It was said on behalf of the company that the message being spread on social media is misleading as it is not related to India. Mondales / Cadbury’s products sold or manufactured in India do not contain any beef or other meat based ingredients. The product made in India is 100% vegetarian. The product which has Green (Green) mark is a completely vegetarian product. An appeal has been made by the company to investigate before putting such misleading messages on social media. You have also been instructed to contact customer care.

What is the matter, why did the dispute happen?

A screenshot message of a website went viral on social media after it claimed that Cadbury’s products contained beef. In that viral message it was told that if gelatin is used in any product, it means that that item has been prepared using beef. The company’s attention came to these messages going viral in social media when users posted messages directly by tagging the company itself.
In view of its seriousness, the company sent a message from its official Twitter handle that the products being mentioned are not made in India. The products of Viral Messages belong to Mondelez International which is an American company but now owned by British company Cadbury. Along with this, the company emphasized that, the green circle on the wrapper of the chocolate indicates that 100% of the items manufactured and sold in India are vegetarian.