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Thoughts of Lord Buddha more relevant in the crisis of Corona epidemic: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while wishing everyone a Happy Dhammachakra Enforcement Day and Ashadha Purnima, said that today we also celebrate Guru-Purnima, and on this day Lord Buddha gave his first knowledge to the world after attaining enlightenment. We have said here, where there is knowledge there is perfection, there is full moon, and when the preacher is the Buddha himself, it is natural that this knowledge becomes synonymous with the welfare of the world. In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, today humanity is facing the same crisis in the form of corona pandemic when Lord Buddha becomes even more relevant to us. How can we face the biggest challenge by following the path of Buddha, India has shown this.

The Prime Minister said, when Buddha, who is smitten by renunciation and Titiksh, speaks, not only words come out, but the wheel of Dhamma is triggered. That is why, then he only preached to five disciples, but today there are followers of those words all over the world, people who believe in Buddha.

Prime Minister Modi said that in Sarnath, Lord Buddha had told us the formula of whole life, complete knowledge. He told about sorrow, explained the cause of sorrow, assured that sorrow can be conquered, and also explained the way to this victory. Lord Buddha gave us the Ashtanga Sutras, eight mantras for life.

He said, today the countries of the world are also holding each other’s hand due to the right thoughts of Buddha, they are becoming each other’s strength. In this direction, the Care with Prayer Initiative of the International Buddhist Confederation is also very commendable.