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Manish Gupta murder case : Kanpur police interrogated Manish’s friends on two rounds of video conferencing

Called to Kanpur, police officers found no difference in statements

Along with the SIT team that reached Gorakhpur in the murder case of property dealer Manish Gupta, who came to visit Gorakhpur with friends from Kanpur, Kanpur Police is also investigating the matter rapidly. On Tuesday, Kanpur Police officers questioned Manish’s friends over video conferencing for about two hours. In this interrogation, which lasted in two rounds from 12 noon to around 2 pm, statements of friends were also taken.

In such a situation, it is believed that whether there is any difference between the statements given by team Manish’s friends from day one, the statement given to the SIT and the statement given to the officers who are now investigating the matter? However, at present the police are completely satisfied with the statement of Manish’s friends. The police officials did not find any difference in his statement so far.

Recorded statement of Chandan, Harbir and Pradeep
At the same time, the statement of Manish’s friends was recorded on Tuesday under the leadership of Anand Prakash Tiwari, Additional Commissioner of Police, Kanpur. These included Manish’s friends Chandan Saini, Rana Pratap Chand, Dhananjay Tripathi, residents of Sikriganj Badyapar in Gorakhpur, along with Gurgaon’s friends Harbir Singh and Pradeep Singh. However, during this time the team did not have any special conversation with Rana Pratap Singh and Dhananjay Tripathi.

While the team from Chandan Saini, Harbir Singh and Pradeep Singh tried to know every detail from the first day of the incident till now. One by one the police officers have recorded the statements of all the friends. It has also been said that the police will talk to them again if needed.

Not the police, Manish’s family called friends to Kanpur
With this, now friends have been called to Kanpur. On Wednesday, Manish’s friends will leave for Kanpur from Gorakhpur and Gurgaon. Although friends claim that they have not received any information from the police for this, but the family members of the deceased Manish have asked them to come to Kanpur immediately. Friends have been told on behalf of the family that their statements are to be made here. On Wednesday, three of Manish’s friends will leave from Gorakhpur and two friends will leave for Kanpur from Gurgaon.