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Uttar Pradesh / Hardoi : The girl gave her life by writing ‘made a physical relationship, when his heart was full, he leaved me, please don’t leave him…’

Saddened by being cheated in love, the girl embraced death. The girl has also left a suicide note before she died. In this, it has been said to be cheated by writing the name of your lover. The deceased has also written that he had a physical relationship with me and left when he was full. The case is of UP. The police has registered a case and is looking for the accused boy. On Monday, 18-year-old Rani (name changed) had committed suicide by hanging herself in a house in Hardoi district. On getting information about the girl’s suicide, the police reached the spot. On searching the body, they found a suicide note. The reason for committing suicide was written in it.

‘We can die without him’

The suicide note read, “Pratyusha is responsible for my death. First he pretended to love us. Have a physical relationship with me and leave when my mind is full. Please don’t leave him. We cannot live without him, we can die.” Rani’s family members told that Pratyush is a resident of her village. The love affair between Rani and Pratyush was going on for several days. We did not know that the daughter would take a step like suicide.

Police say that a love affair was going on between the two. The queen was asking Pratyush to take him with her. But Pratyush repeatedly refused her.

On the complaint of the family members, the police have sent the girl’s body for post-mortem after registering a case against the accused lover. Police has said that the matter is being investigated. The suicide note is also being investigated. Whatever information will come out, then further action will be taken. At present, Pratyush is absconding. A police team has been sent to search for him.