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Time traveler claims, aliens will land on Earth on December 8!

Do aliens really exist or not? Is time travel possible? These are questions which so far remain only questions. No one has been able to solve these mysteries till date. However, many people in the world have made different types of claims about this. Nowadays one such claim is being discussed a lot, which is quite surprising. A self-proclaimed time traveler has claimed that aliens will land on Earth on December 8 this year. According to the report of Daily Star, the man has shared a video on Tiktok, in which he has claimed to be aliens and himself a time traveler. This video of him has stirred the whole world. This self-proclaimed time traveler has also shown videos and photos to substantiate his claim. Although scientists have not accepted the claim of being aliens on the basis of its evidence.

According to the person’s claim, on November 30 this year, the James Webb Telescope will discover a new planet, which will be similar to Earth. At the same time, he has also claimed that a meteorite will hit the Earth on December 8 this year. The man has claimed that in March 2023 a team of scientists will discover ancient species, as well as a terrible tsunami will hit America in May 2023. The person says that he is a time traveler and he has returned from time travel from the year 2671.

Time travel possible or not? 

If seen from a scientific point of view, time travel is possible. If seen, we are all traveling in time. We are all moving from the past to the present and moving towards the future and this is called time travel. The rate of travel in our time is at the rate of 1 hour per hour i.e. we will take only 1 hour interval to go forward 1 hour in future. If we exceeded this rate by 1 hour per hour then time travel could be done.

Einstein stated in his theory of special relativity that time travel is possible. Einstein said that if an object moves faster, time will slow down and the object will be in the future relative to a stationary observer.

It is said that it is possible to travel to the future, but traveling to the past does not seem logical in any way. Stephen Hawking said that even if past travel is possible, and even if we can make a time machine in the future, then travel before the time machine was made is not possible.