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Madhya Pradesh : Children started expelling silver coins, 282 coins were confiscated by the administration

Children playing outside the house in Agar Malwa of Madhya Pradesh got 282 valuable coins of British era. When the administration came to know, the officials reached the spot and confiscated all the coins. It is being told that the children were scraping the ground, only then the coins came out. The value of the coins will be assessed by calling the expert. According to the information, the children of the locality were playing in the enclosure of Karan Singh’s son Dulesingh Panda in village Maina near Agar Malwa district. During the game, children started scraping the ground, only then coins started coming out from there. A total of 282 British rule coins came out from the ground. The news of the release of coins spread throughout the village.

Tehsildar reached the spot

After receiving the coins, the villagers informed the local administration about the matter. After getting the information, Tehsildar Vijay Senani and station in-charge Vijay Sagaria reached the spot and seized the coins and brought them to the police station. The administration is examining the coins. Their price is being estimated.

Regarding this matter, Tehsildar Vijay Senani says that local jewelers will be called and the coins will be checked, only then their value will be known. It is being estimated that since these coins are of silver, the cost of a coin is being estimated at Rs 800. After scrutiny, these coins will be deposited in the district treasury.