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Uttarakhand : Helicopter crash in Garudchatti near Kedarnath, 6 killed including pilot

A big accident has happened in Uttarakhand today. A helicopter crashed two kilometers before Kedarnath at around 12 noon. It is being told that the accident happened in Garudchatti. The helicopter is being told of Aryan Company. There were 6 people in the helicopter, including the pilot, who were returning from Kedarnath. Everyone has died. Special Principal Secretary CM Abhinav Kumar has confirmed this.

At the same time, as soon as the information is received, the team has left for the rescue. Fog is said to be the cause of the accident. The helicopter took off from Kedarnath Base Camp for Narayan Koti-Guptkashi. According to the information received, this helicopter of Aryan Company was returning from Kedarnath with devotees, this accident happened two km before Kedarnath. It is being told that the road on which this accident happened was the old route of Kedarnath Dham.

Please tell that the weather is bad in Kedarnath right now. It is snowing here. Earlier in the year 2019 also, there was a helicopter crash in Kedarnath. While taking flight from Kedarnath to Phata, the pilot had to make an emergency landing due to a technical fault in the helicopter and during this the helicopter crashed.