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21 years ago, Modi had seen this dream of future from Mana village, now he is becoming PM, see PM’s 21 year old VIDEO

PM Modi is on a visit to Uttarakhand on Friday. During this he went to Badrinath Dham, where he offered prayers and then reached Mana village. This village is adjacent to the border with China and has its own mythological significance. It is said that Pandavas went to heaven from here. Here the PM addressed a public meeting and said that a new era of tourism has started. He said that he will bring such a situation that tourists will start coming till Mana village.

2001 tour

This visit of PM Modi is reminiscent of his 2001 visit. Then PM Modi was just a BJP leader. There was no CM of Gujarat either. Narendra Modi reached Mana village on 13 May 2001. A video of this has also surfaced. In the video, Modi is then talking about promoting tourism. Modi is emphasizing that there is a huge potential for tourism in Uttarakhand, there is a market worth crores. should be focused on

What did Modi say then?

Modi is saying- “Uttaranchal (now Uttarakhand) we created.. We say that small states are useless, industries have not got opportunity. We have to reverse this situation. The identity of Uttaranchal has to be made. We want to do tourism here in two parts. One is to maintain religious tourism, religious tourism. Along with that, today’s generation also has to be taken care of. Uttaranchal has a market of 100 crore people. Every citizen born in this country wants to come to eat the Ganges dive. Every citizen born in this country wants to take parents to Badrinath-Kedarnath if given a chance.”

Dream coming true

The future that PM Modi had dreamed then and appealed to fulfill it, he is now fulfilling it. After becoming the PM, Modi has developed many religious tours in Uttarakhand. Work is in progress on a long list of development works from Kedarnath to Badrinath Dham.