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PM Narendra Modi said in Mann Ki Baat – ‘Our country is doing wonders in the space sector’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on Sunday. PM Modi started his address with the greetings of Chhath. In the 94th episode of Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi said that this festival also emphasizes on the importance of cleanliness. This is also an example of Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat. Now along with Purvanchal, Chhath is being celebrated with pomp in Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat too. Now Chhath is being celebrated in foreign countries as well. PM Modi also discussed solar energy. Also said that the whole world is seeing its future in this. We have become one of the largest countries to generate electricity from solar energy. Solar energy is changing the life of the poor and middle class. Now electricity bill is not coming from solar energy, but now it is earning. He said that recently Modhera of Gujarat has become the first Surya Gram. In Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi said that our country is doing wonders in solar as well as space sector. Recently, India has installed 36 satellites in space simultaneously. This success received a day before Diwali is a big gift. This will help digital connectivity. With this, remote areas will be able to connect with each other. He said that the scientists of India not only developed indigenous technology, but also successfully installed many satellites. He said that earlier the space sector was confined within the purview of government systems. When this sector was opened to the private sector, revolutionary changes have come in it.

PM Modi said that the way the youth of our country have gathered in the Nation Building, it is inspiring. The youth are working hard in the hackathons as well. He said that I had told the Red Fort to make this decade India’s take. IIT students have taken over the command of this work.

Referring to the environment in Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Modi said that there is no dearth of people who spend their lives for its protection. He said that today awareness has increased in eco friendly living. PM Modi also appreciated the efforts of tribal women of Anaikatti in Coimbatore to make terracotta T-cups. PM also discussed about Vaio Billage.

The Prime Minister said that Mission Life, dedicated to protect the environment in India, has also been launched. Mission Life means a lifestyle that does not harm the environment.

The PM said that October 31 is National Unity Day. It is also the occasion of birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Run for Unity is organized on this occasion. Similar sentiment has been seen in sports as well.

The PM said that the country will celebrate Tribal Pride Day on November 15. Also said that the country had started it last year to celebrate the tribal heritage and pride on the birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda. The PM said that Lord Birsa Munda had united lakhs of people against the British rule. Along with this, he had sacrificed his life for the independence of India and for the protection of tribal culture. We can take inspiration from his life.

Guru Parv is on 8th November. As important as Guru Nanak’s festival of lights is for our faith, we also get to learn from it. Guru Nanak Dev Ji dedicated his life to humanity. It is also pleasant to see the construction of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor after decades of waiting. We have to continuously learn from the thoughts of our Gurus.