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Do you also have salary account? So take advantage of these facilities on salary account as well

Salary Account Profit If you do a job then your salary account will definitely be there. If you do not know about the facilities available on the salary account, then here you are being given complete information about what facilities you get on the salary account. Explain that salary account is the account which is opened by the company. In this, your salary is added every month. Salary account can also be called a kind of Savings Account, in this also you are given facilities like check book, ATM, net banking, credit card etc. But still it is a little different from a normal savings account. Actually, you get many such benefits in the salary account, which are not available with the normal savings account. People get the facility of zero balance on the salary account. If there is zero balance in your account for three months, then the bank does not impose any penalty on you. Whereas in a normal savings account it is very important to maintain a minimum balance. If you do not do this, you also have to pay a fine.

Along with this, let us tell you that many banks provide the facility of free ATM transactions on the salary account. This includes the names of SBI, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank etc. in the bank. In such a situation, you do not need to worry about the number of times you have transacted from ATM in a month. Along with this, there is no annual charge at the ATM of the salary account.

Loan facility available

You can easily get personal loan, car loan or home loan etc. loan against salary account as the risk to the bank is less with this type of loan. Salary Account and Statement is the authentic document of your salary. For this, the work of verification of documents is also done easily. If you have a lot of money then you can also open a Wealth Salary Account. In this type of account, the bank also gives you a dedicated wealth manager, who looks after all your work related to the bank.

Discount on locker charges

Many banks waive locker charges on salary accounts. If you talk about SBI, then there is a discount of up to 25 percent in the locker charge on the bank salary account, but if your bank comes to know that the salary is not coming in your account for some time, then all the facilities you got will be withdrawn. Huh. In this case, your bank account is continued like a normal savings account. You get free checkbook, passbook, net banking facility on your salary account for free. Along with this, no charge is taken for SMS for having salary credit.

Online transaction facility

Some government and private banks offer their customers the facility of free online transactions on the salary account. At present, charges have to be paid on IMPS and Standing Instruction. But the facility of NEFT and RTGS is free. Some banks also offer free IMPS transaction facility on premium salary account. SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank offer many more facilities on salary account. These include free ATM cards for joint account holders, free multi-city checks, 25 percent discount on locker charges, free demat accounts and free airport lounge access.