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Scientists warn – aliens can be dangerous! we have to be ready

Many such claims are made about aliens every day, knowing about which even scientists are astonished. But now the biggest question is, do aliens exist in the universe? Scientists have been searching for an answer to this question for years, but so far they have not got any success. Now amidst these questions and discussions, researchers have established a new research center. Scientists have warned that contact with aliens is bound to happen tomorrow if not today. The UK SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) research network and the University of St Andrews are working together on this topic to learn how to prepare ourselves if aliens ever encounter humans. What kind of protocols should be implemented for this is being studied in depth.

We are not alone in the universe

We are not alone in the universe, there is a state of confusion about this. But it is possible that there will be someone from some corner of space far away who will be keeping an eye on us. Our eyes just haven’t reached him. We have to make possible preparations for this. Because we don’t know how aliens will be. Will he want the destruction of mankind or will he extend a hand of friendship to us? There is great confusion. Work is being done day and night to solve this problem. A new research center has been set up to deal with aliens so that we can know about the impending threat, manage ourselves from them.

Aliens can be dangerous

To this end some of the leading experts on the planet will provide their input for the SETI Post-Detection Hub. Also guidelines and measures will be put in place to guarantee the correct response. Anyway, for years, there has been a debate among scientists about whether it is safe to contact with the other world or not. Some researchers also believe that contact with aliens would help advance humanity. So at the same time some scientists believe that contact with aliens will destroy human civilization and all living beings from the earth.

We have to prepare ourselves

Dr John Elliot, Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science in St Andrews and coordinator of the Hub, believes that no more time should be wasted in the context of this process. They argue that, will we keep waiting for the message of those supernatural powers (aliens). Will we receive the message? There is no information about it. Researchers believe that they should no longer spend time waiting for aliens. In the coming tomorrow, we may face such a creature which we call aliens, then what will we do? We have to prepare ourselves, so that they can be dealt with in the times to come.

Are aliens intelligent enough?

Scientists are not denying the existence of aliens in other parts of the universe, which can be quite intelligent. They are seeing them as a real possibility, which can stand before us with a new challenge in the times to come. However, researchers have also not found any evidence that UFOs came from the outside world or that there was some move by an alien. However, he also agrees that the things said by people cannot be distorted too much.

Whales and aliens

The SETI community had previously prepared a protocol of its own to face aliens in 1989. Now again we need to update. We have not been able to understand the language of animals on earth itself, so how will an alien who is not a creature on this earth understand the language of it? At the same time, Dr. Alexander Rehding, professor of music at Harvard University, said that whales may actually prove to be a good topic for understanding aliens. Let us tell you that between 2004 and 2021, the Pentagon’s unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force investigated 144 UFO incidents.