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India’s first private rocket: India’s first private rocket ready for launch, a new era will begin

India’s first private rocket Vikram-S is ready for launch between November 12 and November 16. Hyderabad-based space startup Skyroot Aerospace made this announcement on Tuesday. Skyroute Aerospace’s first mission, codenamed ‘Start’, will carry three people. It will be launched from the launchpad of the Indian Space Research Organization in Sriharikota. Pawan Kumar Chandana, CEO and Co-Founder, Skyroute Aerospace, said, “The officials have notified the launch window between November 12 and November 16. The final date will be decided based on the weather conditions.”

With this mission, Skyroute Aerospace will become the first private company in India to launch a rocket into space. It is also being considered as the beginning of a new era and it was opened for the private sector in the year 2020. Naga Bharat Daka, CEO, Skyroute Aerospace, said, “The Vikram-S rocket is a single-stage sub-orbital launch vehicle that will carry three people and will help test and validate most of the technologies in the Vikram series of space launch vehicles. ”

Chandana said it was because of the invaluable support from ISRO and IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Center) that Skyroute was able to complete the Vikram-S rocket mission in such a short time. Skyroute’s launch vehicles have been named ‘Vikram’ as a tribute to Vikram Sarabhai, the founder of the Indian space programme. Based in Hyderabad, Skyroute manufactures state-of-the-art Space Launch Vehicles to launch commercial satellites into space.