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Rajasthan / Kota : Mother pulled a six-month-old girl from the jackal’s jaw, but badly scratched her mouth

I was taking care of the buffaloes, feeding them. Then came the sound of the baby crying. The baby girl was not far away from me, when she saw Shiyla (jackal) holding her in his jaws. I lost my senses, when I ran to save the girl child, the jackal started running by pressing the girl child in its jaws. While saying this, the expression of fear was clearly visible on the face of Tulsa Bai (33), a resident of Jhadol village of Etawah (Kota). Tulsa’s six-month-old daughter Bisrata was attacked by a jackal at home. Trapped the head in the jaws and started running away with it. Seeing the six-month-old daughter in the mouth of death, she gave all her strength to save her. On Wednesday afternoon my husband Jodhraj went to work. I was feeding the buffaloes. Taking her away, my six-month-old daughter Bisrata was playing with her two-year-old sister Purti sitting in the Tiwari. It is about 3.30 or 4 in the evening.

The main door of the house is of lattice, which was open. From this, the jackal entered the house and as soon as he came, he directly attacked Bisarta. He pressed half of Bisarta’s head in his jaws. The elder daughter screamed, so I saw and ran to save her. When I picked up the wood lying nearby and threw it at him, he started running away with the child. I also ran back making noise. He kept running here and there in the courtyard of the house holding the daughter in his mouth and I followed behind making noise. After this he went out with the girl child. When I came out, a woman living in the neighborhood also came out. As soon as he came, he also picked up a stone and threw it at the jackal.

When I was in front of the jackal, he ran towards me. When the woman threw a stick, the jackal stopped and started going back towards the door of the house. When I ran and jumped holding both the legs behind her, the daughter escaped from her mouth. I took care of my daughter. Meanwhile, many more people came. After this the jackal entered another house. where people killed him.

Reached Etawah Hospital by bike

Blood was coming out of the girl’s head. There were teeth marks everywhere and there were deep wounds. With a boy from the village on a bike, I reached Etawah hospital with the baby girl in my arms. There the doctors bandaged his head and then referred him to Kota. Husband was also called and called to Etawah hospital. From there, JK went to Lon Hospital with the girl child.

I am crying seeing my daughter, I can’t even cry

Seeing the condition of the daughter, Tulsa says that seeing the daughter in such a condition, I feel like crying. But I can’t even cry. When I look at my daughter with her in my lap, her face is not visible. She is only six months old, how would she be able to bear so much pain. Spent the whole night crying. My daughter was able to sleep for a while.