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Uttarakhand : Bhatt praised Dhami’s announcement, told the decision to include the history of the state building movement in the curriculum historical

The BJP has welcomed the decision taken by CM Pushkar Singh Dhami to include the history of the state building movement in the curriculum as historic. Party State President Mahendra Bhatt while congratulating the Chief Minister on behalf of the organization and the people of the state said that it is very important to make the future generation aware of the sacrifices and struggle for the state building and to awaken a sense of gratitude in them.

Praising the step of Chief Minister Dhami, the State President said that on the occasion of State Foundation Day, the announcement to include the struggle for state building in the educational curriculum is a respect for public sentiment. He said that it is very important for the new generation to get authoritative information related to the martyrdom, sacrifices and thoughts of the agitators, for which it is a better step to include it in the school curriculum. It is also our moral responsibility and the right of the new generation that how we have obtained a separate state in a completely non-violent manner by enduring immense hardships and obstacles. They should feel the pain of many wounds like Muzaffarnagar massacre, Khatima, Mussoorie, Sriyantra Tapu firing incident so that a feeling of gratitude also awakens in their mind.