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Uunchai Review: This film of Rajshri will take cinema to a new height, friends must watch this story

How much have Bollywood people brought down the content .. we say this often but this film will take cinema to new heights. Rajshree Productions and Sooraj Barjatya are those filmmakers whose films we watch with the whole family and don’t know how many times… It is visible.. love is also seen everywhere but who is this love…


This is the story of four friends who want to go to Everest Base Camp..but one of them says goodbye to this world..then the other three friends start fulfilling his dream…but here he is. Friends, they are all elderly… It is not an easy task for young people to go to Everest Base Camp… so how will these elders be able to do this work.. You have to watch this film to know.


There are all great actors in this film..Amitabh Bachchan,anupam kher,boman irani,Danny Denzongpa,Neena Gupta,sarika and Parineeti Chopra..Acting cannot be reviewed in a film where there are so many legends..Amitabh Bachchan is one In the role of a writer and Amitabh’s character is amazing… Boman Irani has become such a man who is afraid of his wife Neena Gupta, then how will he tell her to go to Everest.. Boman has also played his character in a tremendous way ,..watching Danny on screen is like a gust of cool breeze in summer..He is amazing…Anupam Kher is the friend who always throws tantrums and Anupam’s character makes you feel like your friend in every scene. Will remind you.. She is the life of the film… Sarika’s work is amazing.. Neena Gupta is also very good.

If Sooraj Barjatya is there, it will be special…

If the film belongs to Sooraj Barjatya then it is special..All his films are different..It is also different…But it is made with love..You see honesty in every single scene… touches your heart…and you feel this friendship..and don’t think that this film is only for the elderly…this film will give a good message to youngsters too..and will like it too.

Like every Rajshri film, the music of this film is also amazing..Amit Trivedi has composed the music of the film..Songs like Hey O Uncle and Ladki Pahari are amazing…Every song in the film fits the situation. And everyone’s words are amazing. Overall, this film shows that good films can be made…clean films can be made…and if films are made with honesty, the content can go to new heights.