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Uttar Pradesh : Agreement between post and health department, ASHA workers will go door-to-door to get children’s Aadhaar made

Now you will not need to go anywhere to get Aadhaar card made for your children. Aadhaar cards will now be made at home through ASHA workers. On the information of the ASHA worker, the postman or branch postmaster will go to the children’s house and make Aadhaar cards.

Aadhar card is mandatory for all

The government is trying to make Aadhaar card as soon as the child is born. Emphasis is being laid on making Aadhaar card of all the people living in the country. Gradually, the government is going to connect private companies with schemes with Aadhaar card. Aadhaar number will have to be mentioned in place of PAN card on the purchase of bulk goods.

Postman make Aadhaar card with hand held machine

Post offices are available from village to village, so arrangements have been made to make Aadhaar cards in all post offices. Hand hold machines have been given to the postmen. Through this Aadhaar card is made for children up to five years of age. Apart from this, the mobile number registered in Aadhaar can be changed. At present, most of the children below the age of five do not have an Aadhaar card.

Agreement between Department of Posts and Health

An agreement has been signed between the Department of Posts and the Health Department. Under this, the Health Department has ordered all ASHA workers to prepare a list of children up to five years of age in their area. Also find out whose base is made and whose is not. The list will be made available to the branch postmaster of the local post office.

No fee will be charged for making Aadhaar card

The branch postman or postman will go to the house of the concerned children on the basis of the list and there, will generate the Aadhaar card of the children. Will send people above five years of age to the nearest post office to get Aadhaar card made. No fee will be charged for making Aadhaar card.

Postmen will work on the list of hope

Senior Postal Superintendent Veer Singh said that a meeting has been held with the District Magistrate and the Chief Medical Officer regarding this matter. ASHA workers will provide the list, on the basis of this Aadhaar card will be made for five year old children. After the Aadhaar card is ready, the postman will work to deliver the children to their homes.