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Maharashtra / Nagpur : To trap the relatives, the father became a monster, took the life of the daughter by writing 5 suicide notes, asked her to pretend to commit suicide by putting a noose, then kicked her in the stool.

A shocking case has come to light from Nagpur, Maharashtra, where a 40-year-old father brutally murdered his own 16-year-old daughter. The incident is of Kalamana police station area. This incident is surprising because the accused father first got the daughter to write a suicide note. Then asked him to show the drama of hanging and took pictures from mobile. Later, by putting a noose, kicked the stool on which the daughter was standing. Due to which he died. According to a news agency, earlier the police was considering it as a case of suicide. But when a clue was found, the police reached the murderer’s father. Police said that on November 6, they had received information about the suicide of a 16-year-old student studying in class 9. On the basis of five suicide notes found in the girl’s room, the police registered a case against five people, including her stepmother and relatives, for abetment to suicide. But later the matter turned out to be different.

In fact, during the investigation, the police suspected the father as well. On checking her mobile, pictures of the girl student hanging around her neck were found. Then the police strictly interrogated the father of the deceased after taking him into custody, then he accepted the incident of conspiracy. The accused father told that he had killed his own daughter. The accused is a daily wage labourer. His first wife ended her life in 2016 by consuming poison. Then he got married for the second time. Police said that the man also got his daughter to write that her step-brother sexually abused her. And his stepmother is forcing him to get married. The police had arrested five people on this basis.

How did the event happen?

The accused told the police that he woke up the girl and her younger sister at 3 am on Saturday. Asked the elder daughter to help him in pretending to be a fake suicide and imprison him in his cellphone. The accused made his elder daughter stand on a stool, wrapped a rope around her neck, one end of which was tied to the ceiling. He also asked his daughter to stick out her tongue and pose for those pictures. As soon as he posed, the man kicked the stool.

How did the police get suspicious?

Police said that we were apprehensive about the reaction of the family after the death of the girl. No one seemed upset. Apart from this, pictures were missing from the father’s mobile phone. The police seized the father’s mobile and sent it for data recovery. During this, when he saw the pictures hanging in his mobile, the police got suspicious.

Write five suicide notes

The officer said that the accused got his daughter to write five suicide notes, in which the names of the relatives concerned were written. Then at his behest, when the girl stood on the stool to pretend to be noose, he took a photo and stung the stool and threw it, killing the teenager in front of her father and 12-year-old sister. Police said that why the accused did all this, he is being interrogated.