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Uttar Pradesh / Ghazipur : Lover called girlfriend’s brother and said ‘your sister cheated’ then jumped into the river

A video of Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh is becoming increasingly viral on social media. A young man jumped into the river while making a video. The young man had turned on the video mode by placing his mobile on the railing of the bridge. Then he hanged on the railing. After recording about 10 minutes, he jumped about 40 feet down into the Ganges river. During this, the young man has accused his girlfriend of cheating. The name of the youth is Deepak Sonkar and he is a resident of Sakaldiha in Chandauli. Before jumping into the Ganges river, the young man talked to his girlfriend’s brother. The young man told the girlfriend’s brother that your sister has cheated and she is mean.

Search operation being conducted to find the youth

This incident happened on Saturday evening. After this local divers searched for the youth but could not trace him. On the other hand, on Sunday morning, the NDRF team reached Ghazipur and started searching for the youth. In the viral video, the young man is crying and cursing his girlfriend. While giving the last salute to friends and relatives, he jumps into the river. Seeing the young man hanging on the railing of the bridge, passers-by reach the spot and the mobile video is found in recording mode. During this, passers-by called the boatman from the bridge and asked him to search for the young man.

The family members were in bad condition by crying
After this the matter was reported to the police. The police also searched for the young man for a long time but did not succeed. At the same time, the search operation was stopped after nightfall. Police said that in the recording, the youth seems to be in an inebriated condition. Please inform that Deepak had reached the Saidpur Ganga bridge by bike. Deepak was the eldest of his brothers. It is being told that he was studying in class 12th. After the incident, Deepak’s mother and other family members are in bad condition by crying. On the other hand, Pawan Kumar, in-charge of the town police post, said that the youth is being searched.