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Uttar Pradesh / Kasganj : The home guard had gone to get the stone removed, the doctor made the kidney disappear!

A surprising case has come to light from Kasganj. Where the home guard posted at the CDO office has accused a doctor of taking out a kidney during Stone’s operation. According to the home guard, he came to know about this after 6 months when he had stomach pain. On getting the ultrasound done, it was found that the kidney of the home guard is missing. After which he has complained about this matter to the higher authorities.

Learn about the case in detail

In fact, while giving information, Suresh Chandra, the home guard posted at the CDO office in Kasganj, said that on April 12, 2022, he had got the ultrasound done. The test report came that Home Guard Suresh has a stone in his left kidney. After which Suresh underwent a kidney operation on 14 April 2022 in a hospital in Aligarh. After 6 months of the operation, Suresh suddenly got pain in the stomach, after which he got the ultrasound done again. Seeing the report that came out in the ultrasound, the ground slipped under the feet of Home Guard Suresh.

In fact, only the left kidney of home guard Suresh was missing in the ultrasound report. After which he has complained about the whole matter to the higher authorities. The home guard told that earlier, an employee of the lab in which he got the ultrasound test done, claiming to be his acquaintance, had advised him to get his operation done at a hospital in Aligarh as soon as possible, and not only that, the employee offered him money. It was also said not to worry.

The victim Suresh says that at the time of the operation, he was waiting for the money coming from home, so the hospital staff told him not to worry about the money, get the operation done quickly. Now after 6 months, when the pain in the stomach has arisen again, it has come to know that only the left kidney is missing from his stomach.