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Uttar Pradesh / Moradabad : The dog was traveling on wife’s ticket, there was a stir when the railway got the news, took this action

A surprising case has come to light from Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a man is taking his pet dog in Rajdhani Express on wife’s ticket. Somehow, when the matter came to light, there was an uproar. Railway officials and Railway Protection Force dropped the passenger along with his luggage and dog at Moradabad station. Fine has also been imposed against the passenger for flouting the rules. At the same time, the matter has become a topic of discussion in the entire district.

Boarded from New Delhi to Dibrugarh Rajdhani

The incident is of Saturday. The reservation of Ganesh Tamang, a resident of Darjeeling and his wife, was in the AC-first coach in the Rajdhani Express going from New Delhi to Dibrugarh. He had to go to New Jalpaiguri. For some reason Ganesh’s wife could not come on the trip, so he took his pet dog with him. In the coach, the dog was made to sit on the reserved seat of his wife along with the luggage. The rest of the passengers of the coach were surprised to see this. He objected.

The train staff intervened when there was an uproar

It is alleged that the matter escalated on protest. Seeing the matter increasing, the railway staff running in the train had to intervene. When the railway personnel investigated the matter, the reality came to the fore. The passenger was making his dog travel on his wife’s train ticket. On the other hand, while taking action in the matter, the railway personnel dropped Ganesh Tamang at Moradabad station along with his luggage and dog. After this the train left for Dibrugarh.

Officials fined

Railway officials have fined the passenger for flouting rules. Be aware that there are separate rules for taking your pet on the train. A railway official told that booking has to be done to take the dog. Booking a dog costs a lot less than the passenger fare, but the passenger did not book his dog. While booking in the train, another dog was also accompanying the passenger.