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Uttarakhand : BJP MLA Sarita Arya said – Shifting the High Court from Nainital to the ground is impractical, will protest

Nainital MLA Sarita Arya has said that it is impractical to shift the High Court from Nainital to Maidan. She will oppose it at every level. Sarita Arya said that Uttarakhand is a mountainous state. When it was built, we wanted the capital to be Nainital because Raj Bhavan, MLA residence, CM residence, secretariat were already here. It would have been expanded in Bhawali and Ranibagh HMT, Bhimtal Industrial Area etc. but the capital could not be built. With the establishment of the High Court, the prestige of Nainital increased and various problems including traffic, environment also decreased here. This also provided direct and indirect employment to thousands of people here.

Sarita said that now that the infrastructural facilities of the High Court have been completed and there is every possibility of expansion in future in the Metropole Hotel complex, it is completely inconsistent and unreasonable to shift the court from here. He said that parking and health facilities would be developed in Nainital and the issue of court shifting would be ended once and for all.

Courts should be made in Patwadangar if it is very important

Nainital. MLA Sarita Arya has said that the notification for the establishment of the High Court was issued by the President for Nainital. Now taking the court to the ground would be defying it. He said that if very necessary, the court complex could be built at Patwadangar near Baldiyakhan. 103 acres of flat land is available here. The road to Fatehpur is being constructed from here. This place is also convenient for mountain people including Nainital, Haldwani, Ramnagar.