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There are amazing powers in Kasar Devi area of Uttarakhand? NASA scientists are also doing research!

After all, who does not want to come to the beautiful plains of Uttarakhand. If we talk about the cultural city of Almora, then everyone wants to visit Kasar Devi Temple Almora here. There is an influx of devotees here, but by meditating at this place, people feel wonderful peace. Apart from different states of India, tourists from abroad also come here to meditate. Swami Vivekananda also came here in 1890 and did meditation here.

NASA scientists are also doing research

Kasar Devi area of ​​Almora has magnetic powers. NASA scientists are also doing research on this. There are three tourist places in the world, where one can not only see the beauty of nature, but also feel peace of mind. There is also a center of magnetic power at these three places. One of these is Kasar Devi located in Almora in Uttarakhand, India. NASA scientists are researching the causes and effects of magnetically charging these three places.

A study has revealed that there are amazing similarities between the Kasar Devi Temple in Almora, Machu-Picchu in Peru in South America and Stone Heng in England. Magnetic power is present at all these three places. On meditating etc here, a person feels a different kind of peace.

Hem Chandra Joshi, the priest of Kasar Devi, told that the mother incarnated in the form of Katyani to kill the demons Shumbha-Nishumbha in Kasar Devi. There are magnetic powers around the temple. People come here to meditate and meditate sitting around the temple. Tourists coming from outside along with the local people reach here in large numbers.

Surabhi, a tourist who arrived from Rajasthan told that she has come to Almora for the first time and she has felt a different kind of peace after coming to Kasar Devi. Here he meditated and got positive energy. He said that those who are coming to Almora, they must visit Kasar Devi once.

Tourist Mahesh told that you feel very different after coming to Kasar Devi. You get positive energy by coming here. Coming here, it seems as if you have come to a different place. By coming here and meditating, you go to a different world.