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To get rid of dengue and malaria, plant these plants in the house, mosquitoes will ‘greet’ from far away

These days there is an outbreak of mosquito borne diseases like dengue and malaria. Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh is also affected by these diseases. A large number of people are coming in the grip of these diseases here. In such a situation, people are using different types of mosquito killers in their homes to drive away mosquitoes. However, the smoke and other chemicals coming out of them have harmful effects on health. But to overcome this problem, the Horticulture Department is advising to plant some special plants in the house. These plants are considered natural mosquito repellents. Mosquitoes run away from the smell emanating from them. Let’s know about these plants.

Marigold plant

Marigold plant is not just an ornamental flower, but it is a natural mosquito repellents plant. It has many such qualities, which make it a wonderful flower for the home. The flowers and petals of this plant emit a special fragrance, which is killer for mosquitoes. This is the reason why mosquitoes are afraid to come close to it. You can plant this plant in the courtyard, balcony or terrace area of ​​your house. By doing this, mosquitoes will not come in the house.

Tulsi plant

Tulsi plants hold a special place in Hinduism. It has many types of medicinal properties. The juice of basil leaves is very beneficial in cold, cough and cold. Along with this, Tulsi plant is also useful in driving away mosquitoes. It can be easily installed at home.

Rosemary plant

Rosemary plant is very beautiful. Its flowers are also very beautiful. Planting this plant in the house increases the beauty of the house. Along with this, Rosemary plant is considered as natural mosquito repellents. It drives away mosquitoes.

Mint plant

The scent of mint has the ability to drive away mosquitoes. The pungent smell emanating from its leaves drives away other types of insects as well. Mint can be grown in pots and requires moist soil and good drainage. It can be easily installed at home.

Lavender plant

Lavender oil is added to the mosquito repellents that are used to drive away mosquitoes. The lavender plant also works to drive away mosquitoes. It can be easily installed at home

The team of doctors is also distributing medicines in the village

At the same time, District Horticulture Officer Anita Yadav told that this time the department has achieved the target of basil production in 20 hectares. In this, the target of 14 hectares has been completed, those who are interested in taking Tulsi seeds can come to the Horticulture Department’s office and get them. He said that these days the cases of dengue in the district are increasing every day. So far 22 cases have been reported in the district. The health department is also continuously taking preventive measures regarding dengue. Kit killer is being sprayed in every village and city by fog machines. At the same time, the team of doctors is also distributing medicines in the village.