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Uttar Pradesh / Meerut : I got so much strength from my upbringing, that it was tried on me only! Helpless mother reached the police station complaining about the beating of 4 sons

It is said that sons are the support of parents in their old age. But what if this child becomes the reason for their sorrow. A similar case has come to the fore from Meerut. Here the mother of 5 sons came crying to seek justice from the police. It is alleged that in the greed of a house worth two and a half crores, the sons beat the mother so much that the mother was not able to walk. The old woman somehow reached the SSP office while dragging on the floor and filed a complaint against her sons in the police station. Hajjan Anisa, a resident of Kotwali, reached the captain’s office with the complaint of her sons. Said that her husband has passed away. The husband has given a house worth 2.5 crores to Anisa, in which Anisa lives with her 5 sons. The youngest son in this is mentally handicapped. While the elder 4 sons pressurize Anisa to get the house in her name. When he did not write the property in the names of his sons, the sons together thrashed and abused him.

The victim told that, for the last 4 years, this drama is happening everyday in her house. The sons threaten in different ways for not writing the house name. Once the elder son left the house and went to live on rent. He defames me in the society, who himself has such a big house. Her son was on rent, so I convinced him and brought him home. A son threatens to burn his daughter-in-law by pouring oil on them. He says that he will put her in jail on the charge of burning her daughter-in-law. That’s why I will name the house in his name. Despite all this, I live with my mentally deranged son, but he is not letting me live.