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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : SHO Kalsi and team saved the life of a hanging woman in time

The life of a woman who was committing suicide by hanging herself in a room due to a domestic fight was saved when the relatives of the woman, fearing some untoward incident by locking herself in the room after quarreling, informed the station head Kalsi. Responding quickly, police station chief Kalsi along with his police team reached the spot in just 6 minutes and saved the life of the hanging woman by breaking open the locked door from inside.

According to the information, at around 7 o’clock on Saturday, Police Station Officer Kalsi Ashok Rathore received information on the phone that a woman has locked herself in a room after a domestic fight in village Khadar, 4 km away from Kalsi. And no sound is coming from his room. As soon as the information about the incident was received, Police Station President Kalsi Ashok Rathore left for the spot with his team without wasting any time. He reached the spot in just 6 minutes to know the condition of the woman’s room, broke the net on the window of her room and saw that the woman was hanging on the noose with the support of the fan.